Top Expert Tips for Locating Domains Related to Trending Keywords

Domain names are very important parts of a brand identity. It shows your customers that you are trustworthy and reliable. 


Due to its importance, domain names can be anything from brand names to personal names and business core services. However, for the best results, it is ideal to use keyword-rich domain names.


However, finding the right keyword to use in your domain can easily get overwhelming as the wrong choice can have a far-reaching negative impact on your website SEO. Infact, the wrong keyword choice in your domain name can get your website flagged as spam by search engines.


In this article, we’ve highlighted expert tips to find domain names related to trending keywords to help your brand grow, increase conversions, and ultimately make more sales.

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Why it is Important to Get a Keyword-rich Domain For Your Website 

Every day billions of searches are made on Google. In fact, 5.6 billion searches are made every day. These searches often include a variety of words and phrases that determine the results of search engines. However, to ensure you receive a large amount of this traffic, you need to be fully optimized for search engines. 


According to reports, internet users are twice as likely to click on a domain name where the second level includes at least one of the keywords in their search query.  

This means if a user searches for “best tacos in Chicago,” he or she will be more inclined to click a URL like “” than a domain name that says random stuff. 


This analysis shows the importance of optimizing your entire business for customers. From brand name to social media name, to domain name. To ensure you properly position yourself for your audience, you need a domain name that makes it easy to find you. 


Additionally, with a keyword-rich domain name, it becomes easier to rank on search engines, as your username is fully optimized. 

However, using a keyword-rich domain wouldn’t guarantee 100% success in search engines as Google has changed its algorithm in the past years to minimize the excessive use of keywords and now rewards sites with a strong sense of branding instead. It is Google’s way of taking out the “chaff” and giving light to only those who produce quality content. 


So, combine a keyword-rich domain name with relevant content for your audience and a good SEO strategy, then you’re on your way to SEO stardom.

Trending Keywords: A Goldmine for Creating Valuable Domain Names

A valuable domain name is one that is associated with an existing market demand. The good thing is that market demand is highly influenced by trends and growing phenomena.


Now, it is important to point out that not all trending keywords have the potential to be a valuable domain.


Rather, keywords backed with evolving and growing phenomena are a good opportunity to create valuable domain names. This sort of domain name will have an enormous search potential and market demand for products and services sold on it.


To create valuable domains on trending keywords that predict the future, you must be able to identify soft signals in your target market.


For example, long before bioplastics became a thing with a defined market demand, there were growing concerns and ongoing conversations in the public domain about a plastic-free environment. There were calls for laws to regulate plastic use. The soft signals were there. Someone got in on the action earlier during those times to register which is now worth over $10,000.


The same happened with NFTs, whose related domains do not only have massive monthly search they can tap into but also a market demand for products and services in the niche. It all started as growing trends. 

How to Find Domain Names Enriched With Trending Keywords

Follow these methods to get keyword-rich domain names.

Understand Business Objective

The first step to finding a domain name is to understand your business objective. Not all keywords are related to your brand. Here are some questions to ask yourself to enable you to understand your business objective better.


  • What problem do I want to solve? 

  • What niche do I operate in?

  • What do I want my customers to know me as? 

  • What keywords are relevant to me?

  • Do people search for these keywords?

  • Will these keywords make my domain name memorable?


Before you choose a keyword-rich domain name, you want to make sure that the keyword you select matches your brand identity, aligns with your business focus and conveys the right message. 


Additionally, your brand name is your most important keyword. Unless you already have an established brand name, e.g, Apple, it’s best to pair it with a good keyword. E.g if you manage a taco store, and you live in Chicago, you may want to use a domain name such as “”


A good understanding of your business objective helps you choose the right keyword that suits your business goals.


Did you know? 

The most expensive public domain sale in history was that sold for a whopping $345 million in 2007 to RH Donnelley.


Use Social Media

social media

With over half of the world using social media, it has become a hub of rich data, one which every business owner should take advantage of. 


With its popular posts, videos, and articles, social media offers more than what may be considered a healthy turnover of creative ideas that keep users entertained and continue to capture their attention.


You can identify trends that can give you ideas for valuable domain names from online conversations of users talking about products, services or general topics in a certain way. People may express complaints, appreciation or other emotions that are soft signals of a growing phenomenon.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all hot spots where you can gather keywords and more importantly, monitor user behavior. E.g how frequently do people use this keyword, how do users react when they see a mention of the keyword, etc. 


Keywords are often popularized in communities and gain traction from there. Forums such as Quora and Reddit are also great places to get trending keywords relevant to your business. 

Of course, leveraging trends is a great way to boost your brand awareness


However, it is important to know that trends are “trends” and hence, do not last forever. There’d always be a time when the buzz dies down and everyone moves over to the new trending word. Also, if you wait till a word becomes trendy, it may be too late. 


So a good strategy would be to go for trends that signal future phenomena that can guarantee your domain relevance in the long-term. Start by creating a list of relevant keywords to your brand, and search their domain name availability using Domainify. 


Did you know? 

The world spends more than 10 billion hours using social platforms each day.

Use Google Trends

Google trend is an online tool that helps people discover trends in people’s search behavior within Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. It provides access to large unfiltered data of real-time search requests made to Google.


By using google trends you can get access to robust data of keywords to use as domain names. Google trends allow you to see how popular a keyword has been, not just today but over time.


Here’s how to use Google trends to get relevant keyword ideas for domain names; 


  • Visit Google Trends


In the “Explore field” enter your most preferred keyword and click ‘enter’.

You’d see a graph showing the interest of the keyword over time. You can customize your time range to see the interest level of the keyword within a specific period of time. You can also add another keyword to compare with the previous keyword. 

As you continue to add more terms, you can decide which words or phrases are a good idea for a domain name and use it.


Pro Tips

Make sure you evaluate your choice keywords in the light of your target searcher’s intent. While a keyword domain name for an affiliate business may target keywords conveying comparison or review intents, a service business business would want to target niche head keywords. So, make sure your choice keyword conveys the right intent.

PS: While using Google trends, be careful to not register domains with trademarked keywords to prevent dire consequences. 


Once you have a list of keyword-rich domain names you want to use for your business, it’s important to think again about their potential. Your trending keyword wouldn’t trend for so long. So it’s wise to start with a keyword that ultimately conveys the right message for your brand. 


Did you know? 

Google has already received 2 trillion searches this year (and counting).

Use Premium Domain Registrars

After you’ve researched common keywords searched by your competitors and have come up with a list, the next thing you want to do is use a premium domain registrar to check the availability of your domain name. 


One of the most robust domain name registrars to use is domainify. Domainify helps you to quickly discover premium domain names to purchase for your company. Alongside premium domain names, you can also get branded business packages to help you grow your business. 


The good thing about using Domainify is that it offers short, simple, effective, and keyword-rich domain names that align with your brand identity. So you do not need to worry about branding the domain name as it’s already been done for you. 


More so, Domainify makes it easy to find and buy the perfect premium domain name and brand package for your business, as well as helps you find the ideal word combinations. 


Here’s how to use Domainify to find relevant keyword-rich domain names; 


  • Search according to category

You can find keyword-rich domain names either according to brand, premium version, or industry you operate in. 


  • Select top-level domains

On selection of domain name category, you have a long list of premium domain names and branding packages to choose from. You also get business-type recommendations for each domain name so you know if it matches your brand identity.


  • Checkout

Once you’ve selected your most preferred brand name, add it to your cart and proceed to check out. 


Did you know? 

Most of the first 100 domains that were registered were brand names.


Domain names related to trending keywords are often a good place to start if you want to take charge of your business online. It helps people remember your website and serve as a representation of your company online. A web address (a domain name) can be as important as the website it is associated with. 

Hence, it’s best to get it right.

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