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Seller Support

Submitting Domains

Selling on Domainify is a simple process and wont be new to you if you’ve used other Domain Marketplace sites. Here’s how the domain submission process works:

  1. Submit the Domains you want to sell on Domainify.
  2. Our team will review and evaluate your Domain and the price you’ve suggested (expect upto 48 hours).
  3. If we think the price is lower than you’re suggested amount, you can choose to confirm or reject our valuation. If we value the domain at a higher price, we’ll move straight to publishing your domain.
  4. Once pricing is settled, your approved will be published to the marketplace.
  5. When your domain sells, we’ll hold the purchase amount in escrow until we’ve received confirmation from both buyer and seller that the domain has been transferred successfully.

Domainify sells dot-com domain names that make good names for businesses or products.

We absolutely do NOT accept domains which infringe on existing trademarks, or which could be considered in bad-faith, e.g. a misspelling of a popular brand.

Domains we Approve:

  • Two-Word Dictionary Domains
  • Brandable Names (Must be pronounceable, 8-Characters max)
  • Dictionary Words Varients (Smartly, Abler, PayDo)
  • Industry Specific Domains (VitaHealth.com, TechMush.com, LeanMarketing.com)

Domains we Reject:

  • Domains that are not already registered.
  • Domains other than .com
  • Names with hyphens (e.g. example-domain.com)
  • Names which violate a known trademark (e.g. domains like micros0ft.com or appple.com),
  • We will reject swear words, crude sexual terms etc. Note that we do accept names for marijuana.
  • Names using international characters, or only appealing to a non-English audience

If you already have a logo for a domain, we will ask you to provide once the domain has been approved.

Note: Our team will review all logos for approval before uploading to the product page.

If you’d like to submit your domains in bulk, please email us your list of domains here

When a domain is published as a product, we allow you 48 hours to setup a redirect from the domain homepage to the Domainify Product Page. If the redirect is not up after 48 hours, the domain will be suspended until the redirect is setup.

Payment and Escrow

When your domain is purchased, we will hold the Payout amount in escrow until we’ve received confirmation that the Buyer has successfully been transferred the domain.

Once confirmation is received, the payout amount will be sent directly to the PayPal email added onto your account. You can always change the PayPal email via your Seller Dashboard.


Currently, PayPal is the safest and fasted method of paying sellers. If PayPal doesn’t work for you please contact us here 

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