How To Pick A Tagline That Goes With Your Domain Name

Are you thinking about creating a catchy tagline that effectively conveys your business value? 

Taglines are words that go with your business name. Essentially, a good tagline has a few features, like being short, memorable, and defining a business name. 

However, there is more!

So how do you pick a catchy tagline that matches your domain name? 

In this article, we will cover the definition of a site tagline and some real-world examples. What’s more, we will teach you how to create one. 

Let’s get to it!



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What Exactly Is A Tagline? And Why Is It Important?


What crosses your mind when you hear of a brand for the first time? Is it the business name, its logo, or its view formed because of your interactions? 

Well, that impression is the result of the messaging and presentation used by the company. It doesn’t matter if it is favorable or unfavorable. 

A website tagline is one of the most crucial elements of its presentation and messaging. A website tagline is the business’ slogan and site title. The catchy tagline describes and reveals more about the firm’s operations. While the title summarizes what the website is about.

A company’s tagline plays a critical role in engaging its audience. It causes users to feel curious, encouraging them to explore more of the website’s pages

There’s no doubt that taglines are a core part of a brand. In fact, it’s so crucial that some firms gain recognition through their taglines. 

Also, a business’s stand in the market is determined by its tagline.  A catchy tagline is an effective means of communication that acts like an earworm. 

It is designed to make a significant difference with only one interaction. If well-written, it conveys all a client should expect, including the brand personality. 

Real-World Examples Of A Catchy Tagline


 Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands”

Meow Mix 

“So Good, Cats Ask For It By Name.”


“Just Do It.”


 “Taste The Feeling.” 


“Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.”


“Where Shopping Is A Pleasure.”


“Let’s Go Places.”

American Express

“Don’t Live Life Without It.”


“Because You’re Worth It.”

The U.S. Marine Corps 

“The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”


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Qualities Of A Catchy Tagline

Below are 8 characteristics of a catchy tagline:

Brand Alignment

Its alignment with the brand it represents is among the most crucial qualities of a good tagline. 

Your brand is a complete set of all your organization does and presents to the outside world. It goes beyond the business name of a firm, logo, or physical location. A part of it is your slogan, which ought to blend with all your business stands for.

So, use a lighter or comical slogan if your business is about having fun and not taking oneself too seriously. Likewise, if your business anchors on women’s emancipation, the business idea should reflect on your tagline. 

In the end, just ensure your tagline accurately describes the brand it represents.


A good tagline should convey the most essential idea to your target audience in the shortest words possible. 

A catchy tagline should be at least 2-4 words long, and at most 7-8 words long. Remember, this isn’t a mission statement in which you describe your great goal and how you intend to achieve it. 

Rather, it is a brief phrase that should attract and retain potential clients.

A long tagline will not harm your brand. But it must be memorable and easy to grasp. And doing so necessitates a succinct phrase rather than a novel for a tagline.


Every tagline should be simple to comprehend. 


One common error that businesses do is they act too creative with their taglines. Then, they include industry-specific terminology or acronyms that a layman and a segment of their target market will not understand. Avoid using sophisticated or industry-specific phrases. 


In short, your slogan should be understandable to an eight-year-old.

Promotes Positive Responses From The Target Market

A strong call to action may make or break a content marketing campaign. A call to action tells your audience what they should do next. And it encourages people to take the next step. Likewise,  your tagline may function as a quiet call to action. 

For instance, “Just Do It” urges Nike’s customers to engage in exercise rather than imagining being in shape or hoping to run a marathon in the future. 

Also, Apple’s “Think New” tagline pushes us to think and make different decisions. These examples inspire a positive reaction from their target market. And your tagline should do the same if it can. 

Sets The Brand Apart From Its Competitors

A catchy tagline should be able to set a firm apart from its competitors. This is one of the most difficult qualities to achieve. However, if you can do this, your tagline may become a strong marketing tool


Judging from the examples in the previous section, the taglines positions their brands as the highest quality in their respective categories. As you can see, they all market their product as the best. 


Have you ever entered a room and forgotten what you went there for? That thing you planned to perform was not unique or intriguing enough to remain in your memory. At the same time, non-memorable taglines are ineffective.

So, how does one go about making a tagline memorable? 

You can do this by connecting with your target market. Also by possessing the other traits listed above (short, unique easy to understand, and so on).


Do you believe you require a tagline? But struggling to think of a topic to write about?

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How To Create A Catchy Website Tagline

Now that you’ve learned the qualities of a catchy tagline, how can you create one?  To create a catchy tagline in under 30 minutes, follow these steps:

Start With A Creative Brief

A creative brief is the starting point for what you need in a tagline. It comprises responses to certain essential marketing questions about your firm.


How do you want the public to perceive your company? How would you explain it? Who is your intended audience? Ask and respond to vital questions regarding your firm as honestly as possible.


Understand Your Business Goals

Writing an excellent tagline and summarizing your company in a few lines is challenging. Take your time to understand all about your company. 

One great way to figure out your business goals is to get a huge piece of paper or a notepad and write down anything that comes to mind. Then, connect similar words with arrows and mark the ones with power.


Once you have a sheet with some phrases, sketch them on it. Next, combine them into a statement that explains who you are, what you do, or the problem you address. In addition, the catchy tagline should describe the product you’re offering.


A catchy tagline may be short, but it delivers a lot of information. To explain your company’s USP to customers, you must first determine your goal and objective. 

Make It Simple

Let’s be honest. 

We all believe we are incredibly intelligent. And one of the ways we showcase our fabulousness—as well as our intelligence—is by using lengthy words. Alas, that urge has the exact opposite impact regarding taglines. 

It is a major turnoff and demonstrates how verbose and boring we can be. A study states that shorter taglines have greater clarity and effect. Plus, they are simple to understand and picture. 

On the other hand, long words require more time to compute, detracting from valuable attention-grabbing time.

Therefore, try to reduce whatever you’ve written to get fewer words. For instance, you imagined your tagline as “we take your item and turn it into your art.” Better still, make it short by saying, “Transforming your item into art.” 

In summary, note that your choice of website tagline method is determined by how you answer the questions below:

A: Is there a multi-purpose benefit for your audience? Is your target market homogeneous enough for you to identify at least one benefit that will appeal to each of your potential customers?

B: How well do your potential customers look for your services? Do they wish they could (acquire these advantages)? Or do they think, “I need to find (this product/person/service)”?

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the process of developing an appropriate and catchy tagline cannot be reduced to a checklist – it all relies on your preferences. Because every tagline is unique, it all depends on the type of brand you represent. 

Remember to keep it short and to the point while being timeless and unique.


Furthermore, a catchy tagline associated with your business will influence the target audience more. If you’re stuck for website tagline ideas, search from other successful firms or use a tagline generator. 

Consider what your organization excels at and avoid overworking it. Though, it is a delicate and elegant approach. We believe that with the advice above, you’ll be able to make something lovely in no time.

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